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UpToDate now available for all Canadian clinicians in response to COVID-19

Temporary expanded access is now available for University of Toronto appointed clinicians to UpToDate (U2D)* in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This temporary access will last through May 31, 2020. Interim Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Salvatore Spadafora and Chief Librarian Larry Alford made the joint request to open U2D, and Wolters Kluwer, provider of U2D, has responded almost immediately and positively to this need, with access now expanded to all Canadian clinicians (includes physicians, physician assistants, nurses, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, etc).  

Previously, access has only been available to currently registered U of T medical students and residents. Clinicians would have access to UpToDate only through their hospital library or a personal subscription. Due to the pandemic, there has been a reorganization of medical staff within the hospitals and physicians are being redeployed to areas and units outside of their specialties, making access to UpToDate a critical asset to enable healthcare workers to backfill and support patient needs across the spectrum.    


To obtain temporary access:  

a) New subscribers only:  

In order to receive free access, any new subscriber seeking access would simply need to follow this link UpToDate Guest Pass page.   


b) Past subscribers: 

If you are a clinician who had a license in the past and it is no longer valid, please set up a guest account using a different email address from the email you had previously subscribed with. 


After setting up a guest account, you will be emailed a guest login and password. 


Where can you access it?:  

Users can access UpToDate via desktop or mobile browsers via this guest access link.    

Access via mobile app is also available, by logging in with your new guest credentials (for new subscribers) or existing ones (for current or previous subscribers).  

To download the mobile app: Android app or Apple iOS app  


*More about UpToDate:  

UpToDate is an evidence-based point-of-care tool for clinicians, providing quick access to summaries of medical conditions to support clinical decision making in diagnosis and treatment.   

New to using UpToDate? View these helpful tutorials. To see a brief overview of UpToDate’s content, see our Clinical Questions Guide.    


Last updated: April 28, 2020