Shut Up and Write is back

"An image of a person writing in a notebook and the words "Shut up and Write" below"Having trouble with finding the time and motivation to write? Shut Up and Write is a chance for academic writers within the UofT community to write productively in a communal setting.

The sessions follow the Pomodoro technique, which involves a sequence of short sprints of writing with breaks in between. Bring your work (laptop or paper) and we'll help you with your productivity!

The virtual sessions, hosted by the Gerstein Science Information Centre, take place every Monday from 12 - 2 p.m. EST until December 7. To register, please go to

The breakdown for the writing session is as follows:

11:55-12:00: Log in to Zoom

12:00:  Intros & writing goals for the session

12:05: start writing (30mins)

12:35: break!

12:40: resume writing (30mins)

1:10: break!

1:15: resume writing (30mins)

1:45: break & review writing goals

2:00: end

There is no cost for attending. Please sign in 10-15 mins early to ensure a smooth start to the session.

Questions? Email kieran.mcgarry[at] To register, please go to