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Textbooks for Change: Donate Your Used Textbooks

The U of T Libraries has partnered with Textbooks for Change, a social venture that provides affordable and accessible educational material to students locally and abroad.  Postsecondary textbook donations are either sent to universities in Africa, or sold at a lower price to North American students with the proceeds being used to fund student-led impact initiatives.

Students can drop off their donations year-round in our Textbooks for Change bin.

Location: Outer lobby of the Gerstein Library (top of the stairs, left side).

What can be accepted as donations:

  • University and college textbooks published in the last 15 years
  • Study guides, course packs, foreign language textbooks and other material that assists in the studying process

What can't be accepted as donations*:

  • high school books
  • textbooks published pre-2002
  • badly damaged books
  • entertainment books

(*Textbooks for Change partners are unable to make use of this material. We recommend reaching out to your local thrift store or public library instead).


More about Textbooks for Change: