In-person 3D printing

How to access

3D Printing @ Gerstein + MADLab is available to all certified valid University of Toronto UTORid + TCard holders. The cost is $2/1 hour.

Step 1. Become a certified user

  1. Attend the Gerstein certification training. Register for an upcoming training session
  2. Read and understand the service Policies and Procedures
  3. Complete the knowledge test and sign the safety waiver
  4. Receive your certification confirmation email*

*If you are a previously certified user (prior to lab closure in 2020), you don't need to attend the safety training, but you may need to retake the knowledge test and sign the waiver. Please contact the lab at

Step 2. Print your object in the MADLab

  1. Certified users can reserve time on the printer using the room booking tool
  2. Bring your reservation confirmation email to the Gerstein service desk to pick up a MADLab access fob and pay for your reserved time ($2 for each 1 hour) 
  3. Print your object
  4. Return the key fob at the end of your reservation. Lost fobs are subject to a $15 fee


The printers are located in the MADLab (Room B112 at the south end of the first lower level - see map) at the Gerstein Science Information Centre. Learn more about services and updates at the MADLab homepage

Please note that Gerstein is currently restricting access to valid TCard holders. 

Policies and procedures

All users must read and understand the 3D Printing @ Gerstein + MADLab's in-person 3D printing Policies and Procedures prior to use. Breach of policy may result in the removal of access to service. 

    Equipment specifications 

    The MADLab has two MakerBot Sketch Large 3D printers available for in-person use. For details and specifications, please check out the MakerBot Sketch Large User Manual

    For 3D scanning, the MADLab has a MakerBot Digitizer 3D scanner. To learn more, please check the MakerBot Digitizer 3D Scanner User Manual

    Material specifications 

    The 3D printers at Gerstein + MADLab use PLA (polyactic acid), a biodegradable thermoplastic aliphatic polyester derived from corn starch. It's safe to use in our space. Review the PLA Material Data Safety Sheet.  

    Filament is available in a variety of colours, and the printers are loaded with either black or white by default. If you have a specific colour request, please include that in the title of your room booking and we can try to accommodate it. Unless otherwise requested, your job will print in the colour is loaded into the printer when you begin your reservation.

    Please note that colour requests cannot be guaranteed and users cannot change the filament reel themselves. Also note that white PLA can easily be painted. 


    The MADLab recommends MakerBot CloudPrint as the compatible slicing software with our MakerBot Sketch Large printers; it is an open web application which can be accessed through your computer or the computers at the MADLab.  

    For more information on software as well as libraries of 3D printing designs, please see the U of T Libraries 3D Printing Resource Guide