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Gerstein's mission



Mission of the

Gerstein Science

Information Centre


In accordance with the mission of the University of Toronto Libraries, Gerstein Science Information Centre shall provide comprehensive access to scientific and health science information and innovative services that foster the search for knowledge and understanding in the University and the wider community.




Gerstein Science Information Centre Goals for 2016-18

  1.  Build lifelong information literacy skills of our users through the use of best practices in instruction and research support
  2.  Align resources, services, and partnerships with the library's research and innovation agenda
  3.  Provide physical and virtual spaces that inspire creativity and enhance our identity as a hub of scientific, health sciences and entrepreneurial innovation
  4.  Promote our innovative services, partnerships, research, and ideas locally, nationally and internationally
  5.  Provide excellent public service that is responsive to the changing needs of our users
  6.  Advocate for improved findability and access to our collections
  7.  Create a culture of ongoing learning and experimentation among our staff
  8.  Create a culture of sustainability and wellness with our users and staff


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