Accessible spaces

The University of Toronto Libraries strive to ensure our libraries are accessible for all, including persons with disabilities.  

While we continue to work towards a seamless, universally accessible experience for all users, we recognize that barriers persist and alternative arrangements may be required for some. In particular, some heritage areas of Gerstein such as the second-floor study rooms are not wheelchair accessible. In some areas, staff assistance may be required to access shelves and materials.  

Please don’t hesitate to reach out for assistance. Please inquire at the information and loan services desk or refer to our Accessibility Services for more information.

Accessible entrance

A single door under a blue awning equipped with intercom two-way speaker

Gerstein Library has a separate accessible entrance to the north of the main exit, under the blue canopy. Users press the doorbell and may have to identify themselves through the intercom before the door will open. The main entrance has several steps and heavy antique doors.

Dedicated computer workstations  

Computer workstation at seated height without chair for wheelchair access

All Gerstein computer workstations are equipped with assistive technology including ZoomText Fusion (ZoomText + JAWS) and Kurzweil 3000 screen reading software.

For more information, please ask a Gerstein staff member or visit the Library Accessibility Office.

For U of T students, staff, and faculty (UTORid login required):

  • 1 designated in main floor lobby
  • 1 designated in Wallace Room

Instruction lab  

"View of the instruction lab desks and front screens from the back of the room"

  • Access to second floor lab is via elevator in main lobby
  • Back row of workstations is accessible by wheelchair

Printers, photocopiers, and scanners

Printers, photocopiers, and scanners in the main floor lobby and Wallace Room are all unobstructed. Please ask if further assistance is needed to use these machines.  

Study spaces

Large quiet study spaces including the Gerstein Reading Room, Wallace Room, Instruction Lab, and Morrison Pavilion are all wheelchair accessible. Journal and book stacks are accessible by elevator.  

Wheelchair accessible study rooms include:  

  • Marvin Gerstein room (main floor)
  • Room 1230 (main floor)
  • Room B172 - prioritized for people with wheelchairs (1 Below)
  • Rooms B170A (new!), B173, B174, B175 (1 Below)

Please note: The second-floor Heritage Wing study rooms and lounge are not wheelchair accessible.  

For room descriptions, capacities, and to book a study room (UTORid required), please use the Room booking tool.


Accessible washrooms are all-gender and are equipped with self-opening doors and emergency alarms. Facilities are available on three floors of Gerstein in the following locations:  

  • 1 Below: adjacent to the accessible entrance just inside the door on the right
  • Main floor: south end of the building near the entrance to the journal stacks
  • Second floor: to the north of the public elevator