Quiet and silent study space

Gerstein Science Information Centre has some of the best quiet and silent study spots on campus. Many of these are in large, shared spaces and cannot be reserved. There are also more private study carrels available.

Gerstein reading room 

gerstein reading room tables and soft seatings

Location: Main floor, off main lobby


  • Table seating for 72 
  • Soft seating for 16 
  • 6 standing computer terminals 
  • Natural lighting and lamps 
  • Reference collection (encyclopedias, dictionaries, handbooks) 
  • Capacity: 94

Morrison Pavilion 

study space in Morrison Pavilion

Location: Morrison Pavilion 

Includes: Table seating and carrels, 5 floors with 650 study spaces

Quiet study room 

study spaces in quiet study room

Location: Main floor, south end 

Includes: Table seating for 34 

Lower quiet study room 

study space in lower quiet study room


  • Table seating for 36 
  • 1 standing table 
  • 20 graduate carrels 
  • Capacity: 50
  • Note: Not wheelchair accessible 

Silent study room 

silent study room

Location: Main floor, Morrison Pavilion (North end)


  • 3 tables and 12 chairs 
  • 1 armchair 
  • Natural light and lamps 
  • Capacity: 13 

Note: To maintain the room's silent atmosphere, laptop usage is not permitted, and cell phones should be placed on silent mode.

Wallace Room 

quiet studying spaces in Wallace room


  • 48 study carrels     
  • 3 extra-long reading tables (accommodating 84 people)  
  • 2 large standing tables (accommodating 20 people) 
  • 46 computer workstations with chairs 
  • 4 standing computer workstations 
  • 4 club chairs 
  • Black and white printer 
  • Capacity: 206