Group study

Group study rooms are available for group work and discussion. Some can be reserved in advance and others are open. Please review the group study room policies.

Group study rooms – Reservation required

Gerstein Science Information Centre has 18 group study rooms available for reservation. These rooms are equipped with tables, chairs, and blackboards or whiteboards.

For room descriptions, capacities, and to book a study room (UTORid required), please use the Room booking tool.

Priority access for Room B172 is for people with wheelchairs. Please be prepared to give priority upon request.  

Presentation Practice Room 2000

"Image of Presentation Practice Room 2000 showing tables, screen, and blackboard"

Location: Heritage wing, second floor 


  • 6 tables, 21 chairs
  • Blackboard
  • LCD screen which can be connected to a personal laptop (adapters are available for PCs and Macs)
  • Please borrow and return the room key at Information and Loan Services desk on the main floor
  • Capacity: 21
  • Not wheelchair accessible

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Marvin Gerstein Room

"Large boardroom table with wooden chairs surrounded by leather armchairs and a bank of windows"

Location: Main floor, off Gerstein Reading Room


  • Table for 8    
  • 4 soft chairs
  • Sideboard
  • Fireplace (decorative only)

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Group study spaces – No reservation required

B105 (Lower Reference Room) 

Location: One below, north end


  • Open study area with groups of tables with power for 24
  • Soft seating areas for 6
  • Capacity: 30

Note: The smaller study rooms B105 A through F accessed via this room must be booked using the room booking tool.

B110 (Outside MADLab)

 "large basement room with 8 rectangular tables and 4 modular sofas with orange pillows"


  • Large study tables with power for 32 people
  • Large modular soft seating units with power
  • Lounge style seating
  • Capacity: 59

Room 1230

Image of Room 1230 showing window, tables, and whiteboard

Location: Main floor, next to the accessible washroom


  • Three tables and 12 chairs
  • Multiple groups may use at one time
  • Capacity: 12

Heritage wing second floor lounge

Two groups of 3 to 4 arm chairs separated by heavy wooden railing with two arched doorways behind

Location: Second floor Heritage wing, overlooking Gerstein Reading Room


  • Soft seating, power outlets
  • Capacity: 8 people