The Gerstein Book Stop

books from the collection and the bottom image shows two arm chairs in the library

The Gerstein Book Stop is a space with casual seating available for relaxation and reading.

The Book Stop is also home to various special collections that can be borrowed:

  • A leisure reading collection that includes fiction and popular non-fiction
  • A graphic medicine collection 

Location:  Lobby (across from the Information Desk)


How can you search for books from the Book Stop?:

a) To find books of interest by browsing either collection:

b) To find a book you already know the title of:

  1. First, go to LibrarySearch and click on 'Advanced Search'
  2. Select 'Title', type the title of the book in the search box, and under 'Format', select 'Books'. Click 'Search':

3. Then, on the right side, under the 'Library' filter, click the checkbox for Gerstein Science Information Centre to limit it to this location:

How long can I borrow these books?:

The borrowing period is the same as for our regular monographs, and varies depending on the type of borrower:

  • 14 days  |  Undergraduate students
  • 90 days  |  Graduate students/Faculty/Staff

Books may be available for renewal, depending on whether they have been placed on hold by another patron.

More information on loan periods and policies.

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