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Tech and Tools Spaces - Photocopiers

Photocopier, scanner and printers

Printing, photocopying, and scanning


  • 1 black and white photocopiers available
  • Cost: $0.10/page. Photocopiers only accept TCards or visitor printing cards as payment (money can only be added to card with credit or debit cards)


  • 3 scanners available which scan to a USB flash drive
  • Cost: Free 


  • 2 black and white printers available
  • 1 colour printer available
  • Cost: $0.15 per side (b/w), $1.00 per side (colour).  Printing is double-sided by default

Wireless printing to public networked printers is also available. More info here:




  • 1 on 1st floor, Lobby


  • 1 in Short Term Loan area
  • 2 on main floor, Lobby


  • 1 b/w on main floor, Wallace Room
  • 1 b/w on mainfloor, in general computer area
  • 1 colour on main floor, general computer area