Erica Nekolaichuk

Faculty Liaison & Instruction Librarian

Gerstein Science Information Centre
9 King's College Circle, Toronto, ON

Erica Nekolaichuk, MA, MLIS, is the rehabilitation and kinesiology librarian with the Gerstein Science Information Centre. Prior to arriving at Gerstein, Erica worked in continuing medical education and as a solo hospital librarian at the Cross Cancer Institute in Edmonton, Alberta. Through her experience in hospital and academic health science libraries, she has been involved in a number of systematic and scoping reviews and has provided expert searching and systematic review training for clinicians, students, and faculty.

Published works

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Selected Conference Presentations


Ayala P, Lenton E. (2017, September). More than Expert Searchers! How librarians are positioned to improve quality and reduce waste through knowledge-synthesis service standards. Poster session presented at the Global Evidence Summit, Cape Town, South Africa.

Ayala AP, Lenton E. (2015, October). More than expert searchers? A case study for librarians exploring roles beyond databases. Short oral session presentation at the Cochrane Colloquium, Vienna, Austria.


A Ayala, H Cunningham, S Kirtly, E Lenton. (2017, May). Librarians! Let’s leverage our role to raise the quality of biomedical research. Lightning talk presentation at the joint Canadian Health Libraries Association & Medical Libraries Association Conference, Toronto, Canada.



Graduate Professional Skills Program (2017-present)

3-Part Graduate Professional Skills Series: Strategies for Systematic, Scoping, or Other Comprehensive Searches of Literature