General Spaces - Accessible spaces

Image of accessible library entrance with blue awning and access pad

Accessible entrance

The library has a separate accessible entrance. Users press the doorbell and may have to identify themselves through the intercom before the door will open.

Note: In some areas, additional staff services may be required to access materials

More info: 


Left of the main entrance, under the blue canopy

Image of bookshelves in Gerstein Library

Book stacks

Our collection includes over 750,000 books on all aspects of physical, life, and health sciences.  Books are shelved by their call numbers.


Basement floors, Morrison Pavilion:

  • 1-below (call numbers A - QM)
  • 2-below (call numbers QP - Z; Old Class Materials shelved after the Z call numbers)
  • 3-below - Theses/dissertations (located at the end of the journal collection)
Image of workstations in Gerstein lobby

Computers and wifi

There are 109 computers available throughout the library (108 workstations with internet and Microsoft Office software and and 1 catalogue-only computer). Use our computer finder to view their availability in real time and exact locations in the building.


  • 13 seated and 14 standing computer workstations (accessible to U of T students, staff and faculty; UTORid login required)
  • 5 LIRA public access terminals, one of which is wheelchair accessible (LIRA terminals are available for public use with a guest pass, which can be obtained from the LIRA kiosk on site. Valid government ID or credit card required)
  • 1 black & white printer
  • 1 colour printer


Wifi access is available to current students, staff, and faculty throughout Gerstein. UTORid sign-in required. Configuring your device


Main floor, lobby (by entrance)

Image of Dept. of Computer Science Innovation Lab

Dept. of Computer Science Innovation Lab (DCSIL)

The Department of Computer Science Innovation Lab is one of University of Toronto's nine campus accelerators.

More info:


2nd floor, Morrison Pavilion

Image of Gerstein Reading Room tables and soft seating

Gerstein Reading Room

Capacity: 94


  • Reference collection (encyclopedias, dictionaries, handbooks) 
  • Table space for 72
  • Soft seating for 16
  • 6 standing computer terminals

More info:  History of the Heritage Reading Room


Main floor

Image of Loan Services Desk

Information and Research Support

Information professionals are available for assistance with research:

Staff are available during the day and can also be contacted:


Main floor, lobby

Image of Gerstein Instruction Lab computer workstations

Instruction Lab

Capacity: 38 people


  • 19 PC workstations
  • 1 presenter workstation
  • 1 projector
  • 1 microphone
  • web conferencing available

Accessibility: Back row of workstations are accessible by wheelchair


2nd floor, Morrison Pavilion

Journal stacks

We have approximately 3400 journal subscriptions, in both paper and electronic formats. Some titles date back to the 1700s.

The library also subscribes to thousands of e-journals which can be accessed online from on- and off-campus by those who have a University of Toronto staff or student affiliation.


  • Print journals from 1700s-current
  • Individual seating and desks located at the end of selected shelves


Heritage Wing:

  • 5 floors (1975-current journals); accessible by elevator

Morrison Pavilion:

  • 3-below, compact movable shelving (Pre-1975 journals)


Capacity: 30


  • 2 MacBook pro laptops with Xcode
  • 1 3D scanner
  • 2 3D printers
  • 2 workstations with mobile SDKs and design software
  • Test devices for iOS and Android
  • Digital projector and whiteboards
  • 2 conference/breakout rooms
  • Hardware samples
  • Equipment Locker
  • Virtual Reality Studio (with HTC Vive)
  • Refrigerator, coffee machine, microwave

More info:

Hours: generally Monday – Friday 9 AM – 5 PM  (*recommended to contact for an appointment).

Open to all U of T students, staff, and faculty


To book a 3D printer:

About the VR services:

About the MADLab:



1 Below, Heritage Wing

  • Room B112 (south end)
Image of study space in Morrison Pavilion

Morrison Pavilion

Capacity: 5 floors with 650 study spaces

Collections: Books by floor

  • 1 Below - books shelved by call numbers A-QM
  • 2 Below - books shelved by call numbers QP-Z; Old Class materials (located after the Z books)
  • 3 Below - Theses/dissertations (located at the end of the journal collection)

Accessibility: All book stacks are accessible by wheelchair.

More info: The history of the Morrison Pavilion


North-east wing spanning all floors:

  • 2nd floor
  • Main floor
  • 1 Below
  • 2 Below
  • 3 Below




Phone use is permitted in the stairwell leading to the second floor from the Heritage Reading Room, and the stairwell leading down to the MADLab near the entrance to the Journal Stacks, as well as outside the security gates inside the main doors of the library.

Note: Phone use is not permitted in study rooms, quiet study areas, stacks and other non-designated areas.


  • Stairwell to Heritage Wing second floor
  • Stairwell to 1 Below 
  • Stairwell outside security gates of the library
  • Green Beet
Image of reference materials in Gerstein reading room

Reference collection

Our reference books include encyclopedias, dictonaries, and handbooks.

These items are not available to borrow, but may be used for in-library consultation.


Main floor, Heritage Reading Room

room with plant, yoga mats, and floor cushions

Reflection Room

Capacity: max. 8 people

A multipurpose and multifaith space for meditation, mindfulness, prayer, and yoga.


  • Floor cushions, yoga mats, shoe rack

More info and guidelines:


1 Below (Room B171)

Image of short term loan area in Gerstein Library

Short Term Loan Desk

Borrow  books in heavy demand or reserved by request of the professor for a particular class


  • Course reserves & short term loans
  • Phone chargers, laptop chargers, and headphones


  • Tables and chairs for individual study
  • 1 book scanner


Loan times vary from a number of hours to a number of days, based on the item. 


Main floor lobby, adjacent to Loan Services Desk

Image of Book Stop Leisure Reading Collection and soft seating

The Gerstein Book Stop Leisure Collection

A leisure reading collection available for students and staff at the University of Toronto

Capacity: Soft seating for 4

Includes: Non-academic books available to read in-library or to borrow for home

More info: About the Gerstein Book Stop


Main floor, Lobby

Image of study space in Wallace Room

Wallace Room

Capacity: 206


  • 48 study carrels
  • 3 extra-long reading tables (accommodating 84 people) 
  • 2 large standing tables (accommodating 20 people)
  • 46 computer workstations with chairs
  • 4 standing computer workstations
  • 4 club chairs
  • Black and white printer 


Main floor, north of lobby

Image of door of main floor accessible washroom


Washrooms are available on selected floors.



    • Main floor
    • 2nd floor
    • 1-below 

    Accessible & all-gender washrooms:

    • Main floor (near room 1230)
    • 1-below (near accessible entrance)
    • 2nd floor (near Department of Computer Science Innovation Lab - DCSIL)