3D printing services

Image of a collection of 3D printed models at the Gerstein Science Information Centre.


3D Printing @ Gerstein + MADLab is a 3D-printing studio complete with 3D printers and scanners. Located in the Mobile Application Development Lab (MADLab), the service is available for all University of Toronto T-Card holders.

In-person 3D printing

The printers are located in the MADLab (Room B112) on the first-floor basement of the Gerstein Science Information Centre. Printers are available by reservation only and the cost is $1.50/30 minutes. 

All in-person service users must pass a safety certification training, offered at Gerstein Science Information Centre.

Note: Currently, the 3D printers at the MADLab are not available for in-person use due to renovations. Watch this space for updates on when the safety certification training and in-person service resumes.

Remote 3D printing

Gerstein is pleased to offer a new remote 3D printing service.

The remote 3D printing service allows you to design and submit a print job from home. The MADLab takes care of the printing process, and when your print job is done, you will be notified to pick it up.  


This 3D printing resource guide contains related software, model libraries, books, labs and services at UofT, around Toronto, and online.


If you have any questions or feedback please reach out to us at: gerstein.3dprinting@utoronto.ca