Grant Support

Roles on the Research Team

Librarians can join your research teams in support of grant related research.  Some funding agencies (e.g. CIHR) recommend librarians be part of the research team. Librarians can provide the expertise required to create comprehensive search strategies as well as minimize bias in methodologies such as systematic reviews, scoping reviews and other knowledge syntheses.

  1. The Systematic & Scoping Reviews Service is offered at the Gerstein Science Information Centre, whereby a librarian will join your research team and:
    • Create and validate the search strategies
    • Translate the search strategies into the applicable databases
    • Send the search strategies to the research team to be executed
    • Provide guidance on searching gray literature as well as citation searching
    • Write the search methodology section of the resulting publication(s)
    • Review manuscript
    • Suggest author-supplied keywords when submitting manuscript
    • Respond to peer reviewers’ comments as appropriate
  2. Gerstein librarians have CCVs are often Co-Applicants
  3. Request form for Systematic & Scoping Reviews Service
  4. Additional questions: research email


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