Systematic & Scoping Review Service (SSRS)

This is about the Systematic and Scoping Review Service.

If you’re looking for information about systematic reviews, please visit our research guide on the topic.

The Systematic and Scoping Review Service (SSRS) connects University of Toronto health science researchers with librarians, who partner as co-authors in the planning, execution, and writing of comprehensive evidence synthesis studies.

Having a librarian on your team is recommended, or required, by many organizations that fund and oversee systematic reviews such as the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, the Institute of Medicine and the Cochrane Collaboration. A librarian on your team could also lead to higher quality search strategies and improve the quality of the review. Gerstein librarians involved in the service participate with the aim to improve the quality of evidence synthesis studies conducted at the university.

Learn more about who can use the service, and what projects are eligible.