Roles & Deliverables

Timeline and Communication 

According to the Cochrane Collaboration, “the main resource required by authors is their own time”. While the exact time targets will vary widely from review-to-review, Cochrane estimates that most reviews often require a minimum of nine to twelve months to complete (Cochrane Handbook, Chapter 2.3 Logistics of doing a review). During the initial meeting, the Principal Investigator and the librarian will establish and agree to a timeline.  

It is recognized by both parties that deadlines are critical to the project’s success. With respect to completing this project in a timely manner, both parties commit to communicating openly and promptly so that progress on the project can continue and timelines can be adhered to.

Principal Investigator’s Responsibilities 

  •  Submit request for collaboration by completing the SSRC application form 
  • The Principal Investigator meets with the librarian at the initial meeting 
  • Follow the appropriate methodological framework for the requested project 
  • Follow a pre-established reporting guideline 
  • Provide the librarian a test set of key articles that would make it into the review 
  • Provide direction and feedback for the search 
  • Document every step of deduplication, screening, abstraction, analysis, and manuscript writing process 
  • Share all documentation (including the draft and final manuscript) so that they may be reviewed and edited by the librarian 
  • Have a pre-established, or in the process of being established, research team (minimum of two people by the time of submitting the application form excluding the librarian) 
  • Agree to offer co-authorship to the librarian, who may choose to accept or decline upon reviewing the final manuscript 
  • Provide a rationale for a preliminary search if necessary 
  • Allow for a realistic timeline of completion 
  • Agree that the librarian can remove themselves from the project if any of these stipulations are broken. 
  • Abide by the agreed upon timeline  

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