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Studying Spaces - All

Image of Gerstein Reading Room tables and soft seating

Gerstein Reading Room

Capacity: 94


  • Reference collection (encyclopedias, dictionaries, handbooks) 
  • Table space for 72
  • Soft seating for 16
  • 6 standing computer terminals

More info:  History of the Heritage Reading Room


Main floor

example of graduate study carrel

Grad carrels and lockers


  • 36 shared carrels
  • 22 book lockers

Note: for the exclusive use of graduate students in Physical and Life Science Divisions (Divisions III and IV)

More info:


  • Carrels - 2nd floor, Heritage Wing 
  • Lockers - Main floor, Lower Quiet Study Room

Group study rooms

Capacity: Group study rooms are for groups of min. 3 people. 

Includes: Tables, chairs, blackboards or whiteboards

Accessibility: Priority for Room B172 is for people with wheelchairs


Reserve a study room

More info:


  • Main floor (Rooms 1200, Marvin Gerstein Room)
  • 1 Below (Rooms 105A, 105B, 110A, 110B, B172, B173, B174, B175)
  • 2nd floor, Heritage Wing (Rooms 2100, 2101, 2102, 2103, 2104, 2105, 2106, 2108, and Room 2000 - Presentation Practice Room)

Group study room floorplans (pdf)

Image of soft seating in second floor Heritage Wing lobby

Heritage wing second floor lounge area

This space overlooks the Gerstein Reading Room and connects to the Heritage Wing study rooms. 

Capacity: 8 people

Includes: Soft seating, power outlets


2nd floor, Heritage Wing

Image of study space in Lower Quiet Study Room

Lower Quiet Study Room

Capacity: 50


  • 20 graduate carrels
  • 9 tables with seating for 36
  • 1 standing table


Main floor, accessible via Quiet Study room (south of Gerstein Reading Room)

Image of Lower Reference Room

Lower Reference Room

Capacity: 96

Amenities: Study rooms and general study space with tables

Note: No reservation required



Photo of Marvin Gerstein Room

Marvin Gerstein Room

Capacity: 8


  • Table for 8
  • 4 soft chairs
  • Sideboard
  • Fireplace (decorative only)


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More info:


Main floor, adjacent to Gerstein Reading Room

Image of study space in Morrison Pavilion

Morrison Pavilion

Capacity: 5 floors with 650 study spaces

Collections: Books by floor

  • 1 Below - books shelved by call numbers A-QM
  • 2 Below - books shelved by call numbers QP-Z; Old Class materials (located after the Z books)
  • 3 Below - Theses/dissertations (located at the end of the journal collection)

Accessibility: All book stacks are accessible by wheelchair.

More info: The history of the Morrison Pavilion


North-east wing spanning all floors:

  • 2nd floor
  • Main floor
  • 1 Below
  • 2 Below
  • 3 Below



Image of Presentation Practice Room 2000 showing tables, screen, and blackboard

Presentation Practice Room 2000

Capacity: max. 12 people


  • Blackboard, large LCD screen which can be connected to a personal laptop (adapters are available for PCs and Macs)


Reserve a study room

More info:

Note: Please borrow and return key at Loans Desk 


2nd floor, Heritage Wing

Image of study space in Quiet Study Room

Quiet Study Room

Capacity: 34


  • tables with chairs for 34

Note: Connects to Lower Quiet Study Room


Main floor, adjacent to the Gerstein Reading Room

Image of Room 1230 showing window, tables, and whiteboard

Room 1230

Room for group study, no reservation required


Main floor, Heritage Wing

Image of glass doors of Silent Study Room

Silent Study Room

Please note: To maintain the room's quiet atmosphere, laptop usage is not permitted, and cell phones should be placed on silent mode.


Main floor, Morrison Pavilion (North end)

Image of Book Stop Leisure Reading Collection and soft seating

The Gerstein Book Stop Leisure Collection

A leisure reading collection available for students and staff at the University of Toronto

Capacity: Soft seating for 4

Includes: Non-academic books available to read in-library or to borrow for home

More info: About the Gerstein Book Stop


Main floor, Lobby

Image of study space in Wallace Room

Wallace Room

Capacity: 206


  • 48 study carrels
  • 3 extra-long reading tables (accommodating 84 people) 
  • 2 large standing tables (accommodating 20 people)
  • 46 computer workstations with chairs
  • 4 standing computer workstations
  • 4 club chairs
  • Black and white printer 


Main floor, north of lobby